Get amazing special face effects
right through your front facing camera
in real-time.
Looksery on Iphone
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Take video messaging into a whole
new world of emotion.
Create beautiful and unique in style photos and videos.
Thinner Face Smooth Skin Aquamarine Eyes
Thinner Face Smooth Skin Blue Eyes
Thinner Face Smooth Skin Red Eyes
Color Effect Vignette Green Eyes
Thinner Nose Thinner Face Blue Eyes
Zombie Effect Sound
Color Effect Green Eyes
X-Ray Effect
Despair Effect
Anime Eyes Green Eyes
Gecko 3D Animated Avatar
Panda 3D Animated Avatar
800 Billion Selfies A Year And With Looksery
We Can Take Them All To The Next Level
Taking a daily selfie has almost become a must these days and people all around the world cling to their smartphones as if their lives depended on them. In a way they do, and we have seen hundreds of Internet sensations pop up in a matter of hours just because they shared a selfie.
It has almost become a cultural movement of sorts that by now is an unstoppable force. If you think about it, how many times have you logged into your Facebook account and not seen a selfie pop up in the news feed? If you answer honestly, we are sure the answer will be, not many.